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    One of the hardest parts of getting a handle on your metabolic health is knowing what to eat and what not to eat!

    We have a great team of providers with experience in every area of your health ready to help you lose weight, manage your diabetes, or build a diet plan.

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    This book is created to be stress-free and easy. This book is not like many other diet books, in that it encourages you to eat the foods that you enjoy; rather than restricting your food choices and telling you what you can and cannot include in your diet. It is well aware that it is just not sustainable long-term to stay away from the foods that you love. This is a program that understands that it is no fun spending hours looking for Ingredients that are hard to find, which can also be expensive. Instead, these recipes encourage you to enjoy the foods that suit your tastes, while you also make healthier choices.

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    Meet Katy Connley

    Owner, MSN, FNP-C, BC-ADM

    Katy was raised in Boise, Idaho and has lived in Southern Idaho for most of her life. She went to school in Helena, Montana at Carroll College and received a Bachelor of Arts and Nursing with Magna Cumlaude honors in May of 2008. Katy served as a nurse from 2008 – 2014 working in Orthopedic neurosurgical nursing, a surgical intensive care unit, and electronic intensive care unit. In 2014, Katy received her Masters of Science in Nursing from Idaho State University.

    Katy has found a passion working with diabetes management as well as bariatrics care and is excited to open the Treasure Valley’s most comprehensive and innovative clinic focusing on metabolic health.


    Along with her extensive career Katy got married in 2014 and is the mother of two beautiful children. Her hobbies include quilting, reading, fitness, genealogy, research and finding solutions to tough problems. She is ready to dedicate herself to finding innovative solutions for her patients by thinking differently.

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