Diabetes/Prediabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes Type 2 Management

Treasure Valley Metabolic Medicine is committed to the most up to date treatment strategies for metabolic dysfunction, to include Diabetes Type 2, prediabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome.

Blood sugar regulation and the hormone insulin are one of the most important physiological pathways in the body. Unfortunately, due to several different influences of our environment today, these pathways have become significantly disrupted. Blood sugar regulation is continum which starts with insulin resistance and unfortunately can lead to the absence of pancreatic function.

Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome

Insulin resistance simply means that your body is needing to produce more insulin in order to have the glucose in the blood stream move into the cell. This is the first stage of blood sugar dysregulation. The more resistant to insulin the cells become, the harder your pancreas has to work to produce more and more insulin. In combination with elevated levels of cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and weight gain in the abdomen, this glucose dysregulation is called Metabolic Syndrome. A syndrome is not a disease process, rather, a group of symptoms from an underlying dysfunction.


As total insulin levels increase, after meal blood sugars increase above a healthy range as do blood sugars in the morning before eating. The body is very good at regulating balance however after some time, its ability to control the blood sugar levels, wanes. Because fasting (before eating) blood sugars are elevated BEFORE the Hemoglobin A1C, using values such as fasting insulin, c-peptide, fasting glucose and a “HOMA-IR” score, are far more sensitive to signs of blood sugar dysregulation. This is why TVMM evaluates blood chemistry in detail and typically diagnoses insulin resistance and prediabetes before the A1C rises to diagnostic criteria.

Diabetes Type 2

If blood sugars have increased significantly to a diagnosis of diabetes, this means that the pancreas is pretty worn out. Luckily, through lifestyle modifications and other therapies to include medication if indicated, diabetes can be managed well. Due to significant advances in diabetes treatment research in the last 10 years, the array of treatment options is vast. At TVMM we offer solutions other than just eliminating everything you love in life and getting started on insulin. In fact, frequently, we are able to STOP insulin after beginning other treatments.

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, blood sugar regulation sometimes requires insulin therapy for patients with Diabetes Type 2. Insulin is an important therapy when the pancreas just cannot keep up with the body’s demand for insulin. At TVMM, our focus is to use this therapy in the most effective way possible to minimize the side effects of the medication that may include weight gain and low blood sugars. CGM and insulin pump therapy are great tools for successful treatment.

Diabetes Type 1

At TVMM we are incredibly passionate about Diabetes Type 1 management as well. Helping to reduce the burden of the disease and managing/preventing “diabetes burn-out” is our passion. Through the utilization of current technology such as CGM therapy and pump therapy, patients can have improved blood sugar control.

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Foods and drinks to avoid

Things to consider

If you have diabetes, you will benefit greatly by avoiding the following foods: fried fatty foods that are high in saturated fat, food that is high in salt, sweets such as cake, pastries, and candy, and sugary drinks such as soda and energy drinks. Our team can help guide you by finding healthy and delicious nutrition alternatives.

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