Katrina Carr

Losing weight without feeling hungry … who knew!? I have been working with Kirsten for about 16 weeks now (since Mid Sep) and have seen a total weight loss of 20lb! What’s even more exciting is that I have not felt starved or deprived this entire time and, ironically, as I loose more and more weight and consequently gain more and more muscle from my resistance training, I am allowed more calories and increased macros!!! I think I was a bit unaware of how much effort weight loss is; gaining weight is so easy and passive, I was out of touch with how much effort would really be required of me. I was discouraged because I have always eaten relatively healthy and have been an avid gym goer with weightlifting built into my routine, but I wasn’t seeing the results I was desiring. Kirsten helped me understand that even though I was living a healthy lifestyle it may not have been best geared towards my body and I was lacking that tailored approach. I will say I have really dedicated myself to the process and eaten exactly to her macros she gave me, when I say exactly, I mean within 5 grams, but it really has made all the difference. I also am really committed to my lifting routine and push myself in the gym. I can see why weight training is so crucial as I build muscle I can eat more calories to support that muscle all while continuing to lose wt. More calories over time has increased my food freedom and bettered my relationship with food. My other major take away is the rate of healthy weight loss, who knew 1 to 2lb per week was a healthy goal and I really shouldn’t be shooting for anything greater as faster weight loss isn’t likely maintainable. During this process, I have redefined what the term “sustainable” means and now know it implies how I will be eating and working out 5 to 10 years from now, not 2-3 months. My biggest piece of advice: BUY INTO THE INFORMATION AND DO AS SHE SAYS, she and Katy are willing to individualize your approach but what they preach works if you just listen and apply yourself.